Kloud Naitonal Internet Exchange

KLOUDNIX is Bangladesh’s newest internet exchange service provider with geo-diversified point of presence across the country. KLIX is a main Infrastructure provider for servicing Internet users in the country known as (National Internet Exchange: NIX) which aims to acquire the most peering members such as Internet Service Providers (ISP), Mobile Operators, Data Centers, Broadband Providers, and both domestic and international Content Providers.

KLIX provides Layer 2 Internet Exchange technology, a universal model, which is able to manage Internet Traffic efficiently and reduce the cost of Traffic transit on the international internet backbone network. KLIX is a Neutral IX where users are able to select local access networks independently.

Part of our approach is unique as KLOUDNIX operates a vendor and carrier-neutral environment for its peers and provides fully redundant, state of the art, SDN and routers up to 40 gigabit up-scalable capacity.


KLOUDNIX offers:

  • Speed and Technology
  • Consistency
  • Service and Support
  • Value Added Services
  • Cost Effective
  • Inter Operable with other operators


Public Peering

Internet Peering VLAN or ISP Unicast VLAN is the most widely used exchange service and Peering is the essential service offered by KLIX. Networks connected to the KLIX platform have the opportunity to interconnect with other connected networks; usually ISPs, content providers, Internet media and many others.

Cross Connect

As a KLIX customer, you’re just a cross-connect away from a rich ecosystem of enterprises, cloud on-ramps, network and IT service providers. We offer one of the most densely connected footprints in the industry for the secure network- and cloud-neutral interconnection model at the heart of our facilities.

Kloud CDN

Speeds up the end user’s experience of the website through distributed network servers. Supports large, fast and reliable downloads. Enables live streaming of events e.g. broadcasting a sports event, news channel online. Enables streaming of file-based video or audio online.


As KLIX is the newest national internet exchange provider, we're expecting to connect more than 200 members soonest within the next quarter. Members can connect on 1G/10G/25G/40G ports in order to carry the highest and QoS maintained traffic backed by 24x7 engineering support.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to become member?

    o    We're in a process of creating online portal for membership application. The link will be provided the soonest.

  • o    Ping on KLOUDNIX gateway IP as most commonly the problem found on requested host. Pinging on KLIX gateway IP, you can check the connectivity between yours & KLOUDNIX.
    o    Check your Bandwidth MRTG provided by KLIX. (If utilization shows 80% up then you have Packet loss/High Latency)
    o    Reboot the device provided by KLOUDNIX.
    o    If bandwidth utilization shows normal, then check you internal LAN. Packet loss/high Latency can be occurred due to broadcast problem of your LAN. In this case please take appropriate action to clean the virus from your network.
    o    Still Problem? Please contact KLOUDNIX Support Team.

  • o    Check others utilization status connected to your network. If other users are using maximum bandwidth, then you are getting slow speed. In this case, you will get proper bandwidth when other users reach to normal utilization.
    o    Restart once your internal devices (Switch, HUB, Router, Server etc.).
    o    Still Problem? Please contact KLOUDNIX Support Team.


Our data center is located in the core part of telecom centers in the capital. All major IP transit operators are interconnected with minimum multiple circuit capacity.

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Venture Tower, 4th Floor, Plot-3, Bir Uttam A.K.Khandakar Road, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh

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